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dollhouse100's Journal

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Similar to other "100" writing communities, dollhouse100 is a biweekly drabble writing community. Every two weeks, a prompt will be posted and members will then have two weeks to write as many 100 word drabbles as they want focusing on Dollhouse. This Wikipedia article has more information on what a drabble is. The prompts (and the community as a whole) are meant to inspire writers.
The rules are very simple and easy to follow:
01. All drabbles should be between 100 and 300 words in length, the mods aren't going to count so if you're a word or two over (or under) that's okay. However members may write interconnected drabbles as long as each drabble has a clear start and finish.
02. When posting, please use a lj-cut and please label your drabble(s) with appropriate warnings, including spoiler and content warnings.
03. Members must write from the current challenge. However every tenth challenge, we will focus on past prompts.
04. The community does not allow RPF.
05. The community does allow het, gen, and slash/femslash. We also allow crossover pairings.
06. The only posts that will be allowed are drabble posts & of course admin-related posts. Any posts that are advertising or not a drabble will be deleted.
If you're interested in suggesting a prompt or in past prompts, please see our main prompt post Or if you would like more infomation on drabbles and writing them, please refer to this post. Finally if you need to contact a mod for any reason, please do so here.

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